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A short story of how we want to leave our mark on the world.

Calliper Manifesto

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At Calliper, we believe that data should be for the many, not for the few.

Data is one of the most valuable assets companies have.

Yet, most struggle to unlock its potential.

Teams suffer from inaccessible systems, outdated reports and dead-end dashboards.

Demotivated and frustrated by not seeing the impact of their hard work.

‍We're here to change that...

We help companies win with data.

Calliper is a mission control centre for the whole company -
making data accessible and actionable for every team.

Aggregate fragmented sources. Remove noise. Align teams.

And do it all in minutes, without a data engineer.

This is Collaborative Analytics.


Become the mission control centre
for 25K tech companies by 2025.

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Why Mission Control?

Ok, we know we're not actually putting a man on the moon here, we're just building a SaaS product at the end of the day. 

However, we find this metaphor deeply inspiring. We're not the ones going in the rocket and trying to explore the final frontier, that's the companies we support with our software.

NASA's Apollo 11 mission to the moon was probably one of the greatest achievements of man-kind in the 20th Century and it was also a feat in cross-functional collaboration. Propulsion engineers, material scientists, biologists, doctors and telecommunications engineers all came together to build and prepare Saturn V for launching into the stratosphere.

And on the day of reckoning it was Mission Control that brought all these efforts together and acted as a central communication and collaboration channel for all the ground crew and the astronauts.

This is why we picked mission control, because for us, it symbolises the interface between multiple teams and enables the effective monitoring of critical systems, ultimately it's the operation systems that drives the mission forward.

Nasa Mission Control

P.S. We know we have gone in a quite hard with the this metaphor and the whole space theme around it. It's more to show how much we care about culture and highlight the shared ethereal nature of both Space and Culture.

Our Values

Culture is the implicit agreement we commit to as a team for how we operate, communicate and make decisions. It's what we value and ultimately what we praise and reward.

Some say you ship your org chart. We say you ship your culture.

Calliper Value #1 - Win Together

Win together,
harness the greatness in others.

No lone wolves. We work together as a team and leverage all the strengths that everyone brings to the table.

Calliper Value #2 - Find Leverage

Find leverage,
deliver excellence.

Work smart. We master all of our tools, teammates, knowledge and resources to get outsized results and outcomes.

Calliper Value #3 - No BS

No BS,
be yourself.

Low ego, high authenticity. We don't waste time and energy putting on facades for our team, we own who we are and how we operate.

Calliper Value #4 - Gather Feedback

Gather feedback,
early and often.

Feedback loops matter. We are proactive with feedback to make sure our individuals, teams and products flourish.

Calliper Value #5 - Be Bold

Be bold,
delight the customer.

Delight is the bar. We build opinionated products that are bold, daring and surpass the customer's expectations.


We’re not Google but want to provide you with everything you need to feel productive and empowered to operate at your best.


We love working together and getting together but are remote-first as a policy. Work anywhere in a European timezone.

4 Weeks Holiday Minimum

We encourage and enforce team members to take time away from work. No holiday limit exists but recommend 4-6 weeks per year.

Personal Goals Support

Up to £500 funding per year offered to pursue personal growth or wellness projects (from marathons to meditation camps).

Home Office Budget

Get the best computer, desk, chair, headphones, or whatever else you need to work from home comfortably with a generous budget.

Lunch & Learn Tuesdays

Treat yourself to lunch on us every Tuesday, with great talks from colleagues and industry leaders.

Bi-Annual Adventures

Twice a year we do a stimulating team building activity to evolve and grow as a team. This could be anything from climbing a mountain to a treasure hunt.

Before you drift into the ether of the internet....

If any of this content about our culture has struck a chord and you want to learn more about us, we've written a culture deck you can access below.

Image of an Astronaut
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