Our Mission

Making data accessible
and actionable for every team.

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What problem are we solving?

Data in tech startups is very fragmented and unwieldy. This leaves startup teams helpless in measuring the health of their business and making data-informed decisions that positively affect it. We have seen how until this common understanding is established around what's happening across the business and why, it is:

  • Very difficult to set meaningful and inspiring goals
  • Hard to encourage autonomy in how work is delivered
  • Demotivating to not be able to see the impact of your work

Building 15 spreadsheets, 50 dashboards, or 100 KPIs is not going to help. More data ≠ better decisions!

How are we solving it?

Calliper brings teams and data together. We are building a plug-and-play mission control centre for early stage technology startups that becomes the driving force in weekly management meetings and brings clarity to the whole team around what is happening in the business day-to-day. To achieve this, we are focusing on:

  1. Combining all operational data onto a central platform
  2. Simplifying data down to a handful of key insights that matter most
  3. Offering a collaborative workspace for teams to discuss data together

We're building a new data category.
Collaborative Analytics

We are not afraid to go against the grain versus other players in the data space.
Here are some of the fundamental principles of our product:

Accessibility and Automation Icon

Accessibility & Automation

No matter your data literacy, you should feel comfortable and confident navigating Calliper. Setup is fast, easy & automated so value is delivered quickly to teams.

Less is More Icon

Less Is More

Having as many charts, KPIs and analyses as possible is the wrong goal. This creates nothing but more noise. Instead, we want to help teams focus on the 1 or 2 charts that really matter to their department.

Comment Icon

Context at the Core

Data cannot become insight without context. That’s why the ability for users to add comments, context & annotations to data is a core part of our product.

Our Culture

We strive to be thoughtful and intentional with the culture we build at Calliper.


No bullshit,
be yourself.

Low ego, high authenticity. We don't waste time and energy putting on facades for our team, we own who we are and how we operate.


Gather feedback,
early and often.

Feedback loops matter. We are proactive with feedback to make sure our individuals, teams and products flourish.


Be bold,
delight the customer.

Delight is the bar. We build opinionated products that are bold, daring and surpass the customer's expectations.


Win together,
harness the greatness in others.

No lone wolves. We work together as a team and leverage all the strengths that everyone brings to the table.


Find leverage,
deliver excellence.

Work smart. We master all of our tools, teammates, knowledge and resources to get outsized results and outcomes.

Learn more about our culture →

Our Team

We are two technical founders deeply passionate about data, product and people. We love solving tough problems with data and design. Our communication is always direct, friendly and transparent. Diversity in our work and developing multi-disciplinary skills is something we really enjoy. We like reflection and taking learnings from the past into the future.

Kosta Kolev Profile Picture

Kosta Kolev


Industrial engineer turned product manager and growth hacker. Ran the worlds first hackathon on a plane from Hong Kong to London.

James Elmore Profile Picture

James Elmore


Former Data Scientist, growth strategist and now SaaS operator. Loves loud music, running and gaming when I’m not solving data problems.

Open Roles

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. We believe that our team is stronger with a variety of perspectives, and we’re eager to further diversify our company. We’re committed to building an inclusive and supportive place for you to do the best work of your career.

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Fully Remote (Europe)

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Full-stack engineering powerhouse, passionate about working at the intersection of data & technology and having a great time doing it. Spend your days shipping new features, running experiments and help us build a world class product and engineering team.

Find Out More

Sorry, we have no job openings at the moment.

Don't see a role that suits, but excited by what we're building? Drop us a line here.


We’re not Google but want to provide you with everything you need to feel productive and empowered to operate at your best.


We love working together and getting together but are remote-first as a policy. Work anywhere in a European timezone.

4 Weeks Holiday Minimum

We encourage and enforce team members to take time away from work. No holiday limit exists but recommend 4-6 weeks per year.

Personal Goals Support

Up to £500 funding per year offered to pursue personal growth or wellness projects (from marathons to meditation camps).

Home Office Budget

Get the best computer, desk, chair, headphones, or whatever else you need to work from home comfortably with a generous budget.

Lunch & Learn Tuesdays

Treat yourself to lunch on us every Tuesday, with great talks from colleagues and industry leaders.

Bi-Annual Adventures

Twice a year we do a stimulating team building activity to evolve and grow as a team. This could be anything from climbing a mountain to a treasure hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for?
Drop us a line here.

Is there space to work for people that do not want to be remote?

Yes. We have an office space in London which can used if requested for co-working with your team. For deep-work we do recommend working from home.

What are the team like at Calliper?

We are an optimistic, collaborative and supportive team that believes having fun reaching our goals brings better outcomes for our customers. We are also competitive and have lots of internal initiatives to express this side of ourselves (steps taken per week, fantasy football, chess league, etc)

How is performance tracked and rewarded at Calliper?

Being the best you can be is a fundamental principle at Calliper and is rewarded accordingly. We work with you to set objectives each year and you will receive a bonus for achieving all your goals

What is our meeting culture?

We want to be multi-disciplinary and cross-functional and so to enjoy working at Calliper you should enjoy speaking with and collaborating with your colleagues. We recommend 10-25% of your working time should be spent in meetings but this is flexible and depends on your chosen working style. The most important rule is that if you're in a meeting you should be contributing.

How do we organise our time?

  • 60-75% our day will go to your primary “job description” where you will be in a squad of 3-4 people working towards common objectives
  • 10% our time will be dedicated to a cross-functional project with an employee from a different department. These projects will rotate every 3-6 months
  • 10-25% our day will be meetings with team members or customers. This is flexible based on what works best for you. We encourage all team members (from engineers to product to design to sales and marketing) to participate in customer research and support. If you don’t speak to a customer at least once per month, something is going wrong.
  • 5% Retros - We enjoy sharing and communicating with other team members so expect everyone to spend a small portion of their time capturing learnings from their work to share with the wider team (through documentation, voice notes or even videos - get creative!)

How do we approach work-life balance?

We do not track or set your hours working at Calliper. We are OKR focussed so we work together with you to set objectives and key results and expect you work as hard as is reasonable to achieve those. Ultimately, we believe that building a startup is a marathon and not a sprint, in such we want to work at strong but sustainable pace.

🎉  We just launched our Culture Deck. Click here to learn more →