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Cleo Bennet

12:16 PM

There isn’t enough data literacy in our teams.

Daniel Kowalski

13:46 PM

We want to be more data informed as a team but it’s so hard to implement a consistent data strategy across different teams.

Andrea Morelli

7:48 PM

The team lost trust in our data when we started seeing discrepancies between platforms.

Garritt Janssen

4:17 PM

Unless there are clear rituals around metrics, you’re a victim of people’s whims and feelings.

Nish Amin

13:31 AM

I feel like 30% of people across the company don’t understand our core metrics.

The way we're using data isn't working...

Data is often too complex and too fragmented across departments. We lack alignment, clarity and focus to make better decisions.

The health of your business. All on one page.

Aggregate fragmented data. Remove Noise. Align teams. Do it in minutes without a data engineer.

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24 Jan 2022

MMR Growth Rate passed 15% Month-on-Month

Your MRR Growth Rate passed 15% in January. The driver is a decrease in cancellations by  $5,400 this month, which is a 20% decrease from December.

Product Demo of Auto Alerts

Come together as a team.
Discover the story behind the data.

All the collaboration features you’ve come to love, available in a data product the whole team can use.

Product Demo of Comments

Comments and Annotations, finally consolidated in one place across the whole team.

Why did burn increase 20% last month? Why did you have more support tickets last week than any other week this year? Ask your team and start collaborating around your data.

Reminders and Routines, everything you need to monitor core metrics.

Are you launching a marketing campaign or a new feature this week? Want to know what impact it will have on your core metrics? Set up a reminder to check in next week.

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Product Demo of Sharing

Share via Slack or email. Send as JPG or CSV. All the tools you need to work your way.

Need to bring a new team member up to speed? Want to share some insights with a new or prospective investor? Add new collaborators to the dashboards or just generate a sharable link.

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